Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Prospective Idea for 'Morning Blues'

Since Rosie displayed an interest in the near by Leith Hill Place this idea, developed by a member of our group for an initial music video idea, would fit perfectly providing the music video with a bizarre sense yet plenty of room for inclusion and demonstration of fashion.

  • Forest

  • Animal masks (fox / rabbit / squirrel / etc.)

  • Assortment of chairs around long dining table in Leith Hill for tea party scene

  • Picnic mat / tea pot / teacups / cake and other food

  • 1960s costumes providing a psychodelic feel 

  • Powder paint

  • Streamers / ribbon

  • antlers and animal skulls

  • shots of people wearing the animal masks peering around trees
  • 2 girls wearing rabbit masks, pretty dresses are sat at the picnic mat drinking tea ... can cut back to them when they are having a food fight
  • fox, sat on the old arm chair, smoking a pipe, in a brown suit
  • The animals who peer around the tress go wild and throw the powder paint at each other, and the streamers and ribbons etc.
  • Slow zoom towards a girl stood in the middle of the forest, in an animal mask, holding a deer skull by the horns

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